Where is ArrayShaker for Windows?

When I first started planning ArraySync I had in mind that I’d eventually have to write a utility to split up videos into segments, because the built-in spanning mode was not so great on slower hardware due to the nature of what it’s doing (simply playing a movie really blown up). However, while testing ArraySync on Windows machines, it became obvious that spanned mode was not going to work at all on that platform (for now, at least), due to a bug in Apple’s QuickTime API.

So, I set aside a few weeks from ArraySync development and rushed ArrayShaker from a simple idea to a finished product. While putting it together, my new goal was to have ArrayShaker (at least something) available on the Mac App Store for opening day, even though ArraySync wouldn’t be. To meet that goal, I gave very little thought to how I would implement it on Windows. Perhaps too little…

Well long story short, ArrayShaker is finished, it works, and it’s in the MAS. Unfortunately, because I didn’t plan ahead well, I’m going to have to actually rewrite a lot of it to get it to work on Windows. Don’t’ worry, I do plan on doing this, but that’s why it isn’t available now.

I do hope this isn’t tremendously inconvenient to anyone.

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