Improve ArraySync playback quality on Windows 7

We’ve been getting bug reports about video quality on some Windows 7 systems. There are two potential, hopefully temporary workarounds to this problem. The first is to put ArraySync into Windows XP (SP3) compatibility mode. You can do this by right-clicking its icon, choosing Properties, going to the Compatibility tab, and enabling “Run this program in compatibility mode”.

The other option that seems to work for me as well is to use a video application to render or export your video in the exact resolution of your monitor. So if your display is 1024×768, then that should also be the resolution of your video.

This doesn’t seem to affect all systems, from my own testing it has been limited to our Intel Atom-based computers. Running in compatibility mode on an AMD Vision chipset actually has the reverse effect. Hopefully this is all temporary and Apple updates it’s QuickTime Windows APIs to address this issue.

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