ArraySync 1.0.1 Update Now Available

Hooray, the first ArraySync update! Today we’ve released ArraySync 1.0.1, which you can download from the ArraySync homepage for Mac OS X and Windows. Here’s a detailed explanation of each point in the changelog.

Demo mode is now a fully functional 10 day trial period

You can now try ArraySync fully functional for ten days. Previously, ArraySync would simply close a presentation after five minutes – not very useful for testing if ArraySync is appropriate for you. Now you have ten days without this irritating limitation. ArraySync will register your new demo period with NaSoLab when you first launch, and will subsequently revalidate with NaSoLab every time you launch demo mode again, until the trail period expires.

Fixed a bug that caused ArraySync to crash when launching a presentation containing certain file formats

ArraySync 1.0.0 had a bug that would cause it to crash when launching a presentation containing certain file types. It would try to create a QuickTime resource for and play each video sequentially upon launch. Now it creates all the resources first, then tells the QuickTime API to play them all.

Fixed a bug that authenticated ArraySync only for the current user

ArraySync 1.0.0 would only authenticate a serial number for the currently logged-in user. It should now be global.

Changed the way ArraySync authenticates to protect your privacy

ArraySync 1.0.0 would authenticate with NaSoLab by sending us your computer’s hardware ethernet address, and receiving a unique unlock key in response. ArraySync 1.0.1 now hashes your hardware address before sending it, and we base the unique key on the hash. Because of this change, ArraySync customers will need to re-activate their software.

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