macOS High Sierra and 32-bit Apps

Apple today released macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, and with it a new feature that warns of impending obsolescence of 32-bit apps, including ArraySync. For now, ArraySync will continue to function normally throughout the High Sierra update cycle, albeit with a one-time warning that it is a 32-bit app. Future macOS versions beyond High Sierra are […]

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QuickTime on Windows

Recently the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued Alert (TA16105-A), which recommends Windows users uninstall Apple QuickTime from their computers. Unfortunately ArraySync for Windows requires QuickTime to function. While we are working on a successor to ArraySync that uses native Windows video decoding (no QuickTime) it is not available at this time. We hope to have this […]

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Windows 10… and yes I’m still here!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog. Windows 10 came out yesterday and I’m pleased to report that ArraySync appears to work fine on our test machines. Please be wary of Windows 10 update breaking your video card drivers which I’ve read has happened to people. If your video card is not compatible […]

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Recycle unused PCs using ArraySync and older codecs

Not sure what to do with that collection of obsolete PCs gathering dust in the back office? Well wonder no more, because you can put them to work using ArraySync and videos encoded in older QuickTime video codecs. You may notice that modern videos encoded with H.264 or other contemporary codecs are too much for […]

ArraySync 1.0.3 Now Available

ArraySync 1.0.3 and ArraySync Client 1.0.3 are now available for web download customers, and will be in the Mac App Store pending Apple’s approval. Work is definitely progressing towards the big 1.1 release, but this update was important enough to push through on its own. Version 1.0.3 brings a huge improvement to ArraySync’s internal synchronization […]

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ArraySync 1.0.2 now available in Mac App Store

Mac App Store customers are unfortunately subject to a time delay as updates are pushed through Apple’s approval process. ArraySync and ArraySync Client 1.0.2 are now available on the Mac App Store (or will be within minutes of this post). Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay! We have no control over this.

ArraySync 1.0.2 Now Available

Just posted an update to ArraySync and ArraySync Client. Version 1.0.2 fixes a bug that caused ArraySync to crash if a preset file was opened that linked to a video file that no longer exists (moved or deleted). Now such links are simply ignored. I discovered this bug while working on version 1.1 (not quite […]

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What’s next for ArraySync?

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback from ArraySync early adopters, including many great suggestions for future updates to ArraySync. Some of them had already been planned, while others we hadn’t even thought of. Here’s a tentative list of what’s in the works for ArraySync 1.1, a massive update due out in March.

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No internet connection? Activate from your phone!

Based on a customer suggestion, I’ve written and uploaded a little app that you can use to activate ArraySync server on a computer that does not have an internet connection. This may be a server running on a rental unit at a conference center or other venue where an Internet connection is unavailable, or running […]

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Finally – ArraySync in Mac App Store

Apple has finally approved ArraySync for sale in the Mac App Store. Both ArraySync (server) and ArraySync Client can be purchased/downloaded from Apple’s online software store for Macs. They’ll be able to talk to standard web-downloaded versions of ArraySync too. It only took Apple three weeks but it felt like forever. If the Mac App […]