What’s next for ArraySync?

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback from ArraySync early adopters, including many great suggestions for future updates to ArraySync. Some of them had already been planned, while others we hadn’t even thought of. Here’s a tentative list of what’s in the works for ArraySync 1.1, a massive update due out in March.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Tons of keyboard shortcuts for the server, like fast forward, rewind, jump to specific positions. Input the commands at the server and watch as all the clients follow suit.

Unified “Display” Menu

Control all the options for your monitors from a new Display menu in addition to the existing contextual menus.

Stretch or Aspect Fill

A new option to have a video stretch (distort) to fill an available space, in addition to the existing fill style that maintains the aspect ratio.

Still Images

Self explanatory. Drop a still image in as if it were a movie file.


Option to automatically start the last presentation when ArraySync launches. Clients will also automatically wait for a connection to the last server they connected to. Set your Mac or PC to launch ArraySync automatically on startup, and avoid having to directly manipulate controller computers with a keyboard and mouse.

Sync Tolerance

Sometimes the default “out of sync” threshold may be a little intolerant for busy networks or slower computers. This will be a new setting to increase the tolerance and reduce the number of re-sync “skips” in client presentations.


Based on a customer request – set different videos to appear based on the time of day.

Headless Mode

Run an ArraySync server without playing videos on the server machine. Directly control the clients from the headless server, such as a desk that may be away from the main video wall.

Lots of good stuff coming!

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