ArraySync 1.0.3 Now Available

ArraySync 1.0.3 and ArraySync Client 1.0.3 are now available for web download customers, and will be in the Mac App Store pending Apple’s approval.

Work is definitely progressing towards the big 1.1 release, but this update was important enough to push through on its own. Version 1.0.3 brings a huge improvement to ArraySync’s internal synchronization algorithm. Users should now see much more fluid and reliable syncing between server and clients, and also improved performance on systems with more than one display.

If you’ve ever sat and watched ArraySync for a while, you’ve undoubtedly noticed it skip a frame or two every now and then. Some may not consider this a big deal, while for others this was almost a deal breaker. Turns out, there was a miscalculation in the code that handled the synchronization. OK, a bug 😀

Well, instead of merely fixing the one whole line of code where this bug was occurring, I rewrote large blocks of the synchronization method, including the one for multiple local displays (local and remote are two distinct methods).

After testing this a whole lot over the past week, I’m delighted to report that synchronization is now spectacularly better than before. My tests on several Macs and PCs show it to be essentially flawless – I haven’t noticed even one frame skipped in hours of playback, whereas before it didn’t take very long to spot one.

So there you have it, ArraySync 1.0.3. Update now!

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