Improve ArraySync playback quality on Windows 7

We’ve been getting bug reports about video quality on some Windows 7 systems. There are two potential, hopefully temporary workarounds to this problem. The first is to put ArraySync into Windows XP (SP3) compatibility mode. You can do this by right-clicking its icon, choosing Properties, going to the Compatibility tab, and enabling “Run this program in compatibility mode”.

The other option that seems to work for me as well is to use a video application to render or export your video in the exact resolution of your monitor. So if your display is 1024×768, then that should also be the resolution of your video.

This doesn’t seem to affect all systems, from my own testing it has been limited to our Intel Atom-based computers. Running in compatibility mode on an AMD Vision chipset actually has the reverse effect. Hopefully this is all temporary and Apple updates it’s QuickTime Windows APIs to address this issue.

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ArraySync 1.0.3 now available on Mac App Store

The recent ArraySync update, version 1.0.3, has just been approved and should be appearing shortly in the Mac App Store (if it hasn’t already). Be sure to update and enjoy the much better synchronization algorithm!

ArraySync in MAS:

ArraySync Client in MAS:

Recycle unused PCs using ArraySync and older codecs

Not sure what to do with that collection of obsolete PCs gathering dust in the back office? Well wonder no more, because you can put them to work using ArraySync and videos encoded in older QuickTime video codecs.

You may notice that modern videos encoded with H.264 or other contemporary codecs are too much for your old PC or Mac to playback smoothly, but here’s a trick that might save you some money and keep perfectly good systems out of the landfill.

Export your videos using an older codec, such as Sorenson 3, a lower-compression codec that will often play perfectly on your obsolete or outdated computer, albeit take up more hard drive space. Expect your high quality Sorenson 3 version of your video to occupy four times the hard drive space – not ideal for web distribution or storing a collection of films on your primary computer, but often perfectly suitable for a dedicated ArraySync server or client that does nothing other than power a display for this purpose.

In my own little curiosity test, I was able to play an HD 720 video compressed with Sorenson 3 and AAC 256 audio perfectly on an outdated AMD Athlon 2400+ PC with only 256 MB of memory. Lower resolutions would perform even better. I had this setup running for several hours without problems of any sort.

Sorenson 3 and other older codecs are less processor intensive for computers to display, because they have a much lower compression ratio than newer codecs which results in larger file sizes but less work for your CPU to decode and display as a series of moving pictures.

So give it a try, it’s worth a shot!

ArraySync 1.0.3 Now Available

ArraySync 1.0.3 and ArraySync Client 1.0.3 are now available for web download customers, and will be in the Mac App Store pending Apple’s approval.

Work is definitely progressing towards the big 1.1 release, but this update was important enough to push through on its own. Version 1.0.3 brings a huge improvement to ArraySync’s internal synchronization algorithm. Users should now see much more fluid and reliable syncing between server and clients, and also improved performance on systems with more than one display.

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Info-Mac rocks a whole new style

Have you been to Info-Mac lately? I’ve just been finishing up a total redesign of the venerable online Mac user community, and I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic.

The old style was quite a mess of nested tables, old-style image-based everything, and inefficient navigation. Now, everything is streamlined making use of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 has to offer. And navigation has never been easier – instant access to virtually anywhere on the massive website with just a click of the mouse.

So stop by, have a look around, and sign up if you haven’t already.

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ArraySync 1.0.2 now available in Mac App Store

Mac App Store customers are unfortunately subject to a time delay as updates are pushed through Apple’s approval process. ArraySync and ArraySync Client 1.0.2 are now available on the Mac App Store (or will be within minutes of this post). Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay! We have no control over this.

Major Downtime Today

Apologies for the slow and/or unresponsiveness of NaSoLab web services today. Our host, DreamHost, seems to be suffering an apocalyptic hardware meltdown that is affecting tens of thousands of websites across the interwebs.

Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.

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ArraySync 1.0.2 Now Available

Just posted an update to ArraySync and ArraySync Client. Version 1.0.2 fixes a bug that caused ArraySync to crash if a preset file was opened that linked to a video file that no longer exists (moved or deleted). Now such links are simply ignored.

I discovered this bug while working on version 1.1 (not quite ready yet) and thought it best to release a bugfix update right away. The web download versions are available now. Mac App Store customers will have to wait for Apple’s approval.

Also, new toolbar icons!

As always, let us know if you experience any problems with the update!

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NaSoLab Direct is now LIVE

I’m happy to announce NaSoLab Direct is now live and, based on my preliminary testing, seems to work well. NaSoLab Direct allows you to manage various features of your ArraySync license, such as serial retrieval, activation counter reset, create sublicenses, and remote activation.

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New ArraySync Client for Windows Package

I’ve uploaded a new copy of ArraySync Client for Windows that fixes a problem experienced by some users installing it on a machine for the first time. It’s still version 1.0.1, there was just a resource left out of the package that went unnoticed by users with existing installations. Visit the ArraySync homepage to get it.

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